How did the Colors of Food come about?



My name is Melian De Carolis. I am the owner of The Colors of Food, LLC. We are a family-owned business offering specialized cooking services in Pinellas County, Florida.

I am originally from Italy but I spent my teenage years in England and eventually ended up in America where I met my husband and we are now growing our family.


My passion for food started in Italy where I would follow my Italian grandmother around asking questions about cooking. I was always interested in her magical meals. To this day I have never found anything better! I apply her styles in my cooking  and each time I go visit her in Italy I learn more each time.


When I moved to England I got more curious about cooking foods from different cultures and so I started working at restaurants in the area where I made friends with the Chefs and started shadowing them. I learned a lot from them.


I moved to America because I had heard of a cooking position available where they also offer training and certification. So, I left the UK and headed to the US where I was professionally trained and became a Pastry Chef.


With time, I learned about healthy diets such as Paleo, Keto, etc. which expanded my abilities to experiment and I came up with my own signature styles and flavors of foods.


Concurrent with being a personal chef, I also worked at a nutritional company for several years to gain more knowledge about health and nutrition. Now I can specialize my menus and help people improve their life with delicious high-quality food.


As well as being able to provide various diet menus, I work with people's specific needs to give them an individualized meal plan that fits their lifestyle. I am continually broadening my styles and flavors of cooking.

I love baking and not only provide traditional cakes and pastries but also make diet-friendly cakes, cookies and pastries such as gluten-free, sugar-free, diary-free, etc.!

In addition to recipes, The Colors of Food now offers cooking services, like meal prepping, catering, special event cakes, etc. This is my full time job now and the career that I truly love.

Eat Well,

Melian De Carolis-Culp