Frequently asked questions:

What diets can you accommodate?

At The Colors of Food our purpose is to help you reach your best health by following the best diet for you. 

To accomplish this we list the type of items on our menu, such as, keto, paleo, DF (Dairy-Free), GF (Gluten-Free) and so on. We also offer classic options.

Can you accommodate custom diets?

Yes, we can, but we can only handle a small amount of custom clines. If our online menu does not fit your dietary restrictions please contact us for a free menu consultation.

Do you provide organic?

Yes! We use chickens that is organic. Our beef is antibiotic free, humanely treated and 100% grass fed Most of our fish is wild and freshly caught. And a large amount of our meats are local to Florida. We apply the dirty dozen rule with our vegetables, so we use the 12 vegetables that should be organic and the rest is classic, most of our vegetables are local too!

Is your meal prep menu always the same?

No, we have a large amount that change every week and we keep the favorites on the menu. Check out our weekly specials here,


When do you deliver? And how much is it?

Our weekly meals are delivered on Tuesdays, you can pick between mornings (8am to 10am) and evening (5pm to 9pm) you will also have the option to pick-up. Delivery is a flat fee of $10 and pick-up is free. Orders must be placed by Thursday noon, any orders placed late will be delivered the following week. 

For our bakery delivery and price depends on your event. Please contact us for more information.


Do you send reminders:

Yes, we send reminders though email and text message. Please text JOIN to 1 833-211-5010 to sign up for Text Message reminders and receive a $5 off coupon.

How will the meals be stored?

Your meals will be stored in sealed deli container. This is not microwave safe or oven safe. Please place your meal out of the container into a baking sheet or pan and reheat as desired.

Do you do portion controlled or family style?

We do both! We want to accommodate you best we can. Please check out our menu, our family size meals are under the tab "sides", served by the lb or 1/2 lb. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How far do you deliver?

We deliver in Pinellas County and close by surrounding areas, see map: