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Welcome to our food delivery services. We care that you eat healthy to help you have a long happy life. 


Due to our passion about health and good food we offer meats that are local, organic, antibiotic free, grass fed, etc. and organic fresh produce so giving you fresh healthy prepared meals. Real food! 

We love helping Pinellas County and surrounding areas be healthy!"

Mel - Owner & Chef

Frequently asked questions:

What diets can you accommodate?

At The Colors of Food our purpose is to help you reach your best health by following the best diet for you. 

To accomplish this, we list the ingredients for each menu item. Our menu is gluten free, grain free and sugar free, with dairy free and grain options to accommodate all sort of diets. 

Do you provide organic?

Yes! We use chickens that are antibiotic free, humanely treated, organic or organic fed and pastured. Our beef is antibiotic free, humanely treated, grass fed and grass finished. Most of our fish is wild and freshly caught. And a large amount of our meats are local to Florida. We only use vegetables that is organic and fresh. This is real food!

Contact us for more information.

Is it always the same menu?

The menu changes weekly, you might see some items are available every week or change every month but the main dishes will change weekly to give you a good variety.

When do you deliver?

You can have your delicious fresh meals delivered to you Tuesday or/and Friday morning. Deliveries are made between 8 am and 12 pm. If you want your meals delivered on Tuesday, please place your orders on Wednesday. If you want your order delivered on Friday, please place your order on Saturday.

How will the meals be stored?

Your meals will be stored in sealed, microwave safe, disposable containers. And will be delivered to you in a paper bag with your full order and ingredients attached.

Do you do portion controlled meals or family style?

We do both! We have 2 separate menus for you to pick from - same menu items but different sizes. 

Serving only Pinellas County and surrounding areas.

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