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Thank you for your interested. 

My name is Mel, I am the owner of CaraMel's Bakery, The Colors of Food and Catering with Colors.


Due to exponential expansion in the bakery we have sold the Meal Prepping and Catering Company. 

These two companies are now operated by 2 great new owners that will be taking great care of you. 

Meal Prepping: Please visit NNT Nutrition, a local Meal Prepping Service offering Keto, Paleo, Vegan and many more great meals.


Catering: for this service please contact KaraLynn's Kitchen, local catering company and friend of mine, she will take great care of you and your guests. 

Bakery: As usual, contact us at CaraMel's Bakery and we will take great care of your sweet tooth and special occasions. 

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