These are some of the reviews left by our customers on

“The high quality service and excellent cooking provided by the Colors of Food has been a life saver for our family! We are a busy family with two full time working parents and three active sons! So, The Colors of Food has made all of the difference in our family being able to eat

healthy and delicious food anytime!”

— Heather T.

"Melian of The Colors of Food prepared a series of Keto dishes for us for a big family gathering. Every dish was so tasty and a big hit with the family. She works so efficiently that in a short period of time she prepared a number of dishes providing incredible value for our money.

We would definitely use her services again."

— Sue J.

“I got a Keto cake for my Engagement Party and it was way beyond the standard I would ever expect a cake to be! It was very aesthetic and tasted just as beautiful as It looked! It was a piece of art that tasted greater then any cake I’ve ever had! Highly recommended!!”

— Shervon L.

"Melian is the best cook I have ever seen! She made meal prep way too easy for me. She would make sure that I had everything needed to make plenty of meals that were good for not only myself but also my overly picky child. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with cooking or wants to free up their week by having someone else prepare amazing meals. Thank you Melian!!"

Niki P.

"Got some delicious cakes for my daughters birthdays each year. The baker, Mel, went way above and beyond in the details and didn’t charge extra and they were not too sweet so less sugar for the kiddos."

— Caroline G.

I had a great experience and received great service for my baby shower! Mel is very passionate about what she prepares and cooks and I highly recommend her service. Her catering was very appreciated and good quality !

— Valeria F.